How to Join

Please note: we want you to know you're welcome to come to our meetings before you're licensed.

NRB Membership is by invitation only
Membership with us is different...
...and it should be different.


The Board of Directors and our membership have decided that going forward, we want to get to know potential members; candidates for membership, if you will.


Please understand, if you have the idea that want to pay your $30 membership and come once a year, you need to find a boring club.  On the other hand, don't let fear of a change in your job or life cause you to not submit for membership, as we have LOA (Leave of Absense) provision.  We aren't trying to be hard to get along with, we are trying to build an active and viable association.


Please come and be a part of a growing and thriving organization that is ready to serve its community and each other.  

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