Repeaters & Nets

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220 Repeater

224.460  |  PL 91.5


Our 220 repeater is a new Bridgecom repeater which has been gloriously donated to our cause by Murray Adams of Adams Tower.  Murray is a big fan of 220 and we appreciate him bringing 220 to Goldsboro.   Check for more information on the 220 repeater. 

General Operability Net:

224.460  PL 91.5 – Tuesdays at 8:00 PM.

Net Coordinator: Alex Mark, KM4FFB

Alex, KM4FFB is a USAF Reservist, full time, and a KC-135 Boom Operator

440 Repeater

The club has been given a new Bridgecom repeater by a humble and anonymous donor.  We have to get it on location and we expect early 2018.